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asmodeus. fluffandsmut. lucifer. +21 more. # 5. (Obey Me x Child Reader) The Monst... by AnimeChibiGal. 41.9K 1.1K 115. (Y/N) (L/N) is a six year old girl who was forced into the cruelties of her aunt and cousins after her father's death. Just then, the necklace her father had given her t.

Fandom: Obey me, GN! Reader Summary: How the demon brothers would react to MC being a famous idol in the human world Warnings: [IDOL NAME] stands for YOUR idol name/what you want it to be!It isn’t actually your stage name, because that would be a really weird one, Cursing. House of Lamentation. Levi: Levi: **Reminder** Tonight at 8:30pm, we’re going to be. Gender Nuetral! MC. 2021. 12. 13. · Obey Me ! x Readers! Mostly Oneshots! All readers are gender neutral unless otherwise specified! Mostly my self-indulgent fluff. All ... Obey Me! x Reader . Obey Me! x Reader . undeadulqui. Reads. Reads 11,163. 11,163 11.1K. Votes. Votes 237. 237 237. Parts. Parts 12. 12 12. Time. Time 48m. 0 hours, 48. MC added Thirteen, Raphael, and Mephistopheles to the chat. Lucifer: dear former father please for fucks sake no. Thirteen: you had me at murder<3. MC that's 13 (people) okay raphael, i will now kick you out of this chat any last words? Lucifer: Who gave MC permission to add and kick people from.

Quality Time for Two/Devilgram. A Demon's Desire/Devilgram. A Jealous Christmas/Devilgram. Before the Big Day/Devilgram. Beware the Chocolate/Devilgram.




Obey Me - Mammon and Asmodeus Head-canons. Prompt: 'I'm in heat'. Warning: NSFW, Female MC.

Obey me! The anime <3. Belphie x Beel x Fem Mc. Obey me otome one shots of smut and fluff and cutsey stuff! Secretly A Demon(Mammon X OC).

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